About Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

About Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

Hi Everyone! Welcome, To my Blog, earn money affiliate marketing. Here, I am going to talk about Earn Money Affiliate Marketing.

My Name is Prabakaran and I am basically a Civil Engineer.

The Desire of being part of the digital world started to burn into my heart since 2009.

I lost my overseas(UAE) Job due to the economic recession in 2009 and I was Jobless nearly for 8 months.

During this period while digging into my daughter’s computer, I was surprised to see people earning tons of money through internet.

Hence, I began to research and came to know about affiliate marketing, e-commerce sites, and other internet related business. So I thought why cannot I, while others do? Then I continued my research and began blogging on free platforms.

8 months later Again I got overseas (Qatar) offer and I had to accept this due to the financial situation.

But the flame inside my heart always kept me researching about the digital marketing.

Searching For An Easy Platform

My civil Engineering profession was an obstacle to full fill my desire to actively involved in online marketing. Therefore, I was searching an easy platform to start my journey as a part-time online marketer.

In this process, I finally discovered Wealthy affiliate platform which is affordable, user-friendly, a university with the enormous knowledge base, with powerful community support, and with powerful easy web development tools.

Hence, I began the journey with Wealthy affiliate with a different niche. In 5 months my website started appearing in Google search engine1st page. I am happy to be in a right place after so many years.

Therefore, I decided to share my knowledge on digital marketing field like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, driving traffic to blogs, and blogging etc., with the aspiring people.

The Doubts Raised By People

People have so many doubts about digital marketing. How Does It Work? Can you make money online? how much work do you need to put in? can you make money fast online? These are the question people ask a lot.

I am telling you guys online marketing is hard as hell. You need to put your iron jacket on. Get ready to blast through the walls and break down all the barriers. You have to have got the mindset that the online marketing is not a quick money system.

It makes me really sad that people fall for fairy tales from so-called Blogging Gurus. I am not saying that you cannot make a lot of money blogging online. You can.But it takes its own time. There are a lot of bloggers online earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from their blogs but the fact is, those bloggers spent years failing,  and blogs after blogs they actually got it right.

If someone is showing income reports from blogs, sure they spend tons of money for paid ads.

But if you are starting from the Scratch, it takes its own time. You have to do everything manually. You have to be patient and stop listening to the lies.Therefore, to make your effort easy join the journey with me.

In the final say you can Join the journey with the powerful platform where I am apart of, to build a successful online business for you,

Mission Of Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

As can be seen, the field of digital marketing has evolved and grown incredibly during the last decade.Increased use of smartphones and tabs has added to this enormous growth.Due to the reach of smartphones and tabs to almost all the nooks and corner of the world, the offline marketing may cease to exist in the near future. Therefore, This is the right time to start the online business.

Considering all these facts I decided to launch this website earnmoneyaffilatemarketing.com to help the aspiring people to start their business from the scratch.

The main focus of my website will be on affiliate market-related products and services, traffic generation methods to your blog or website, product reviews, and blogging.

Join the incredible venture with me!  This is the right time to start your online venture with your own branded website.

You can ask for help.you can share your knowledge with me as well. Maybe your name will be popular in the digital world with the help of hard work commitment and dedication.

Hope you Enjoyed reading the post About Earn Money Affiliate Marketing. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free comment on the box below.

All the best,




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  1. Hi Prabakaran,
    Great post, As you say this is the way to make money online through affiliate marketing. However, people are always in a hurry to make money fast. Online marketing is a way to make money but you need to have the right things in place I believe, you can not just expect to make thousands of pounds by very minimal work. In your post, you have outlined a great way to achieve your goals.

    • Khayyam!
      You are right. Unless you put consistent effort and dedication in the work you will not succeed. Moreover. Affiliate marketing is not a quick money system(scam). It takes its own time to give revenue. Unless having a right niche, quality content, consistent posting and selecting proper affiliate platforms, you will never succeed.
      Thanks for dropping by and comments

  2. Great content, in regards of your well-illustrated ways of making money online, I am very new within this online platform, there was a time just recently where I almost gave up with internet business because of all the false Hype until I found A platform that is the real deal. So here I am moving forward with my goal’s, in which you are so revealing about the ways of purpose to set and engage your goals in a realistic fashion. Thank you for your heartfelt post’s and I will see you soon on your blog. sincerely Jack

    • Hi Jack 

      Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you made a comeback on your venture I am overwhelmed because you found my post useful. Really If you are sincere and dedicated to this platform there will be no turning back in your career.If you put unique content with good visuals and some intelligent thinking you will succeed.


  3. Thank you for sharing with us this great article on earn money affiliate marketing.Many people are interested in making money through affiliate marketing but it is not easy as many people think.

    It requires hard work to start earning and it is very important to use a great platform like Wealthy Affiliate which provides training on affiliate marketing.

  4. I agree with you that earning money online is through affiliate marketing. I have travelled this journey for sometime now and it requires a lot of patience and handwork.  Affiliate marketing is not about get rich quick schemes and I am glad I pumped into Wealthy Affiliate and I am working in this journey all the way.

  5. Everyone seems to be in niche with Affiliate Marketing lately. And I’ve jammed enough sites that talked about affiliate marketing and some golden rules that could proffer huge success to anyone who takes the bold step. Moreover, you post tends to be more detailed and explanatory, I really love the fact, tips and rules you provided especially using yourself an an inspiring story. Wish you all the best

  6. Hi Prabakaran! Thank you very much for sharing your story. It’s very interesting to read how you discovered Internet Marketing. I appreciate you describe the difficulties you encountered and the doubts you had, because most of us go through the same.

    I also appreciate you describe the journey as it is. You don’t promise a quick easy buck. Thank you very much!

  7. I really liked your story. Affiliate marketing is a good start. Anyone can create a professional website easily with your suggested project the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’ve been using this project to create my websites and I have to tell that this is so easy as a WA member.

    I also read your review about WA. It was another helpful article. Good job. Congrats.

  8. Thanks for this interesting review on earning money online, most people think the internet has a “Ready Made” way to earning large online which is wrong, money can’t be earned easily online though wealthy affiliate has done more than enough by giving all the necessary tools to be successful in creating an online empire, without the right mindset nothing positive will be achieved. Success starts from our determination and nothing else.

  9. You have made a very open and honest introduction to your venture into affiliate marketing. Joining with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the skills you need to be successful in your pursuits. 

    You are right in saying it is hard work  but building any business to be successful is hard work. We reap the rewards after the foundations are laid and the business is up and running. 

    I wish you every success as you pursue your dreams and build your affiliate marketing busness. 

  10. I have just one question to ask the writer of this website: what do you think about some people who look at affiliate marketing as a way to make money immediately? He is right about those who look at internet marketing as a get rich quick scheme. He makes a very good point why it isn’t. He points out, accurately, that it takes time and hard work to be a successful internet marketer.

    I know this from experience due my learning to become successful with internet marketing. He does not sugar coat the fact that to be successful in this business, it takes time to be an “overnight” success.

    Have you ever talked to a friend about your goals in life? This is the way the author writes. I felt as though he was talking to me as a friend. Because of that, I want to read more of his blogs.  In my opinion, this writer is a success, and I hope that people will read his story and follow his advice.

    • People look affiliate marketing as a quick rich scheme because most of the website mislead them except a few legible ones. They realize the real fact after being fooled by someone. It may even take more than two years to get some results. Moreover, my suggestion is to venture into other business like dropshipping e-commerce or selling own product, etc.’Unless you mark a point and move towards that point you will be nowhere. Therefore, fix your goal, dream about that and 100% you will achieve it.

      Thanks for your beautiful comments.

  11. Hi Prabakaran,

    thanks for sharing some information about your own personal journey in to the world of affiliate marketing. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person doubts and questions from those around me. I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate myself in the past and have always found to to be a great platform to both learn affiliate marketing and grown your affiliate marketing business. It’s been a while since I last was a member of WA, I know they are always updating the platforms. What new things do they offer now?

    • Nate!

      I feel Pleased about seeing an ex- WA member. If you want to know about the latest offers, you may read my review. Moreover, If you can share more about your Experience as a WA member, I would be rather happy.

      Thanks for commenting.

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