Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners – Build Your Website

Do you have a passion to begin affiliate marketing business with your own website? Then you should read this post. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and the best platform to build your website along with learning to kick-start your affiliate marketing business.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners


ShareASale is a great place for new bloggers to ahead and signup and starts promoting offers. You get thousands of products that you can promote.

It is great if ShareASale can accept you into the program. They do not accept all countries and let’s just hope that your country is on the list.

Once you have a blog an website they accept you. They have 4 different methods of payouts through this program and their commission rates are a lot higher than Therefore I think you should go ahead and sign up.

CJ Affiliate

You can signup with the CJ affiliate network which is also very popular affiliate network.They accept all countries into the program and you do not need to have Paypal account for acceptance and they pay through 4 different methods. So it is easier to get approved for this program and a lot easier than the ShareASale.

But, the problem with CJ affiliate is once they approve you, you have to submit the request to various offers and programs which are part of the network.

Then you have to go through the approval process which takes about 24 hours and it’s a headache that you don’t usually get accepted or approved. You cannot promote products like like choosing a product, grab the link and promote in your site.

That is what I do not like about CJ affiliate. But, if you are from the USA or UK you will be accepted easily by these programs.


VigLink is actually one of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners & new bloggers and you need not have a blog/website to be accepted into VigLink.

It’s actually great because when you add the little tag they give to your meta tag in your website, whatever you are writing if you write a specific post about a product your links are right away going to change into affiliate links.

Therefore, when the audience is coming to your site and reading your content if VigLink has an offer they are going to transform your regular content into affiliate links.

Moreover, you can set your limit as to which you want and which you don’t want to be changed into an affiliate link.You get paid When audience clicks on the links as an EPC that is earnings per clicks. You get paid when people click on the links or when people buy the product.

It’s a great place to start, they accept people from all over the world and have 4 methods of commission payouts. Furthermore, VigLinks commissions are high. Vglink is great for fashion bloggers and food bloggers as well. Viglink has around 32,000 merchants that they are signed up with and you can use the links from their platforms and you can promote these links and you get paid.The problem with VigLinks is they cut off some part of your commissions.

They take around 25% of a specific products commission but on overall it’s a great place to starting out and to monetize your website. You can go ahead and signup with VigLink affiliate programme.


You can become an affiliate of Etsy. To become an affiliate of Etsy you need to go through CJ affiliate. Generally, Etsy does not accept the people all over the world. If you are in the US or Uk you can get accepted into these programs.

In Etsy, you can find a lot of handmade products that you can promote on Pinterest is a way of earning a commission.

And also once you sign up with CJ affiliate you get a commission through 4 different methods.

So it is a great way if  Etsy affiliate program accepts you through CJ affiliate to earn commission by promoting the products on your website, on Pinterest and social media wherever you want to promote them.

Therefore when someone clicks on your product and buys then you get paid. So Etsy is a great affiliate program to be part of if you are a new blogger like a fashion blogger, a food blogger and blogging about the handmade stuff. Then you can go ahead and become Etsy affiliate.


You already know Amazon, but do you know you can make money with Amazon? Yes! amazon is a great way to start making money online and provides a Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners.

You can find 100s and 1000s of products on Amazon. The commission here is low and if you do not have a website Amazon does not accept you.They have 3 different methods of payouts but the commision rate depends on the what type of product you choose to promote.

You can get as high as 10% commission if you know exactly what type of products gets high commissions.

Amazon Accepts you within 24 hours If you have a blog website. It is an easy way to monetize your brand new website. You can easily add their links and you can use plugins to change your regular text into Amazon links through which people buy stuff and Amazon pay you.


Awin is actually like CJ affiliate. The previous name of Awin was affiliate Window. For Awin You have to pay $5 to get accepted into the affiliate program and like CJ Affiliate you need to request to promote products and brands of the various advertisers.

But the approval rate of being accepted into these programs is really easier than the Commission Junction. You can promote Awin products on your blogs, social media like Pinterest. you can find a list of opportunity products like fashion products, food products and so on. Awin also pay through four different methods

You can also get paid through EPC (earnings per click). So it is great affiliate network to join for just starting.


Rakuten affiliate network is a lot similar to CJ affiliates. You have to apply and get approval to promote a lot of offers. The approval process takes a lot of time and many don’t approve.

If you are from The US or UK you can get the approval easily for a lot of brands and offers. Rakuten also payout in 4 different methods.

As a new blogger, you can go ahead  and sign up for this platform


ShopStyle is a cool affiliate program and they accept you without a website but the payout method in ShopStyle is through Paypal and they pay only after you reach a limit of $100.

In ShopStyle, you don’t get commissions when someone buys an item but they pay per clicks.

If you are a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger or you blog about home decor then you have a lot of products on ShopStyle that you promote and when the people click on those products ShopStyle pays a commission.

So to sign up with ShopStyle go to and goto the end of the page and click on the affiliate program. You can use Pinterest to promote the products from Shopstyle without even a website.


This is a great site and they offer plugins, themes, templates, images, courses, flyers and graphics and so on.

ThemeForest has an affiliate program and it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

When you refer people to the ThemeForest platform and when they purchase an item ThemeForest pay you. In this platform, they have four methods of paying out the affiliates

You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on become an affiliate. You can type in Then you will be able to promote the items on the website by displaying banners and links on your site. You can also promote the products on Pinterest as well. The commission rate is really high and they pay 20% to 30%. If you are in the make money niche or in the graphics or logo go and check this affiliate network.

you can join this network and promote the products if you are in such niches.

This is another very cool site to promote products. If you are building a website or blog around the product you share in the social media like Pinterest this is going to be a profitable site because they have a lot of cool images you can pin to Pinterest. When people come on to the site you get 40% commission.

The payout method is by PayPal and to become an affiliate you have to join through CJ affiliates. You just go to  and you can sign up for the program. This site is for food bloggers and if you write contents on the food you can promote products in this site. You can refer people to this site by writing content about the paleo products and earn 40% commission.

You can pin the cool images on Pinterest to increase the traffic and get the clicks. have a lot of cool offers to promote. You have to signup through ShareASale and you should get the approval. They have gift baskets, a lot of food accessories, glassware and especially this site is for food bloggers. has a lot of cool images and suitable for bloggers pinning on Pinterest and you can earn high commissions here. In the home page of the, you can scroll down and sign up through affiliate signup.


You can sing up through affiliates or ShareASale. have a  lot of recipes and great for food bloggers. You can find cool images of recipes which you can save on facebook and when audience come you get a commission.

You can go and signup for the affiliate programme and you are lucky if accepts you. then you can promote these recipes on facebook. So, this is a great way of making money fast.

Now we have seen some Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners which are awesome affiliate marketing platforms, to begin with.

Now the question is how and where to start the online business?

Build Your Own Website

Do you have any knowledge about online marketing? Have you built any website before?  You know coding?

Don’t worry.There is a simple way to learn online marketing from the scratch on every aspect of internet marketing on any subject or niche. you can turn your passion into a flourishing business.

It is a simple system by learning practically and building your own website side by side. You can find all the resources, tools, text-based and video tutorials and webinars. There is a powerful knowledgeable and more experienced community to support you and teach you. Best Affiliate Marketing programs fro begginers

Hope you enjoyed my post ” Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners – Build Your Website”. If you have any suggestions, questions write your comments in the comment box below.Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

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