Grammarly Review – Grammar Checking Free Website

Grammarly Review - Grammar Checking Free Website

In this article, I am going to write a Grammarly review about a Grammar checking free Website, which is a plugin, a chrome extension or an online service. The Grammar Checking free website, Grammarly will help you a lot in writing blog articles, especially if you are not an English writer and if you are from a non-English speaking country.

What Does Grammarly Do As A Grammar Checking Free Website?

Grammarly is a software that detects the potential Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and word style mistakes in writing automatically. Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context specific corrections like:-

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Word style
  • Punctuation
  • Plagiarism and so on

Grammarly - world's best grammar checker

Why shall I Write Grammarly Review?

Why shall you not use Microsoft word or something like that for Grammar Correction? The good thing about the Word is that it has all that above stuff built into it. But it is fairly locked into the programme itself. So, while you are doing anything related to Microsoft office you can get those correction facility coming through it.

But when you move away from that application, you lose the ability to do those corrections.

But, Grammarly sits on top of all our writing stuff in other applications such as Google docs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter WhatsApp, Youtube, paper for your English class that you have to get on, or anything online.

In short, it makes sense to have something like Grammarly sat over like an umbrella app over the top of everything rather than a programme specific app doing all these functions.

With all the facts in mind, I decided to write this review, so that everybody knows and uses Grammarly effectively.

Replacement For A Proof Reader

Sooner or later, you might be hiring a proofreader. If you can afford, it’s alright because hiring a proofreader is a costly affair. Instead, you can use Grammarly a grammar checking free tool.

The Grammarly has a premium version also, but in my opinion free version is sufficient for the beginners. When you can afford to, as an advanced entrepreneur you may use the premium version.

My Grammarly Review

Let me show you how Grammarly works, How it will help you in your article or blog writing, and what is the difference between  Free version and the paid version?
If you have written a blog post or an article ever before you might have encountered errors in commas, punctuations, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and so on even after the proofreading, which you are you are not aware.

This errors, in turn, will turn your readers to go away from reading your blogs. That is by committing silly mistakes in writing in a blog post; there is a possibility that you may lose your audience.

Firstly, after writing a post, proofreading is necessary to find out the errors. It may be you or a professional proofreader you employ. Secondly,  even proofread articles may also have errors because we are all humans. Therefore, to have very accurate writing, it is best to have a plugin like Grammarly a Grammar Checking Free Website to check your items.

I started using Grammarly almost a year an ago. In the beginning, I was using free version which is impressive, although it has its limitations.

But in this review, I shall discuss both the free and premium version of the plugin, and therefore you can know about the full features of  Grammarly.

Comparison Between Free and Paid Version

Grammerly Review

Grammarly Overview

How can Grammarly improve your writing skills? Grammarly has advanced full-featured Grammar, spelling, writing style and plagiarism checking facility. Also, it has vocabulary suggestions for the words overused in your article.

In fact, Grammarly integrates mostly with every website where you are writing online except a few.

Grammarly Editor

Grammarly website has a built-in editor like google docs or Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Editor. The Editor allows you to type and has all tools available within the editor itself. It is such a useful tool that they should make more of this editor.

Writers Assistant

You might be thinking that you are a good and precise writer. But your text can be having errors, overused words and the Grammarly will tell you the mistakes you are doing. Moreover, when you are writing an article split in different days, your mood at that instance may influence your style of writing. Grammarly will start keeping you on track to keep up the writing style.

This programme is an English teacher like a Program sitting over your shoulder that says “this is wrong change it”.

The writers assistant of Grammarly is a really good feature.

Features In Brief

The features available in premium version are as follows:

The  assistant

The Assistant Shows the error of word or sentence by red or yellow underline and the suggested correction in green color. If you think if it is correct you can ignore it or correct it by clicking the shown revision in green.

The Correction features available in page assistant are as follows:-


Grammarly Spelling Check



Grammer Check By Grammarly



Punctuation Check




Fluency Check



Conventions Check










Grammar Checking Free Website showing clarity in writing



Variety in Writing



Vocabulary in Grammer checking Free Website


Plagiarism Check



In addition to the above facilities, the Grammarly has a performance option from which you can see the readability score and performance score in comparison with the average performance of other Grammarly users. Moreover, You can see the word count and the character count details too.

Performance of the article writing in Grammarly


Setting a goal for the article

Again, you can set goals by customizing the setting goal option in Grammarly about the context of your article you intend to write so that it proposes a helpful suggestion related to your goal. Cool Option right!


Set Goals in writing article

Using In Microsoft Office

The free version has the facility to use in Microsoft Office Now. It should be a best-added advantage for the users.


  • Pricing
  • It is all the same
  • Cannot use without internet
  • Security
  • Mistakes and cock-ups
  • Giving inappropriate suggestion

Plans and pricing

Plans and Pricing


A blogger, an article writer, a journalist an English teacher or a student whoever you are, you aspire for a perfect article.

However, no human is 100% perfect and need assistance in all activities. Similarly writing an ideal article is not a simple task and needs support. Since proofreading by a professional is costlier, using Grammarly a grammar checking free website version should be suitable for the beginners and newbies.

The advanced internet entrepreneurs, bloggers who can afford for, can go for the premium version.

when looking into the incredible features and benefits from the Grammarly, the pricing aspect shall be negligible.

Grammarly makes writing easier by providing mostly accurate and useful rectification that we might have missed.

However, Grammarly should not fully influence or dominate your writing style.
Ultimately, It is a handy, proficient guide that can improve and refine your writing and proofreading skills.

My experience

Being a non-native English speaker, I am enjoying using Grammarly in my NO ONE affiliate marketing platform.

I learned a lot about grammar and identified the fundamental mistakes I make when I write, and I am sure that my writing has improved.
Furthermore, It saves my time of proofreading.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Grammarly Review, a grammar checking free website. Do you use Grammarly? Then what is your experience with the platform?  Let  Me know in the comments below.

Do you want to use Grammarly?

Grammarly Review

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  1. I totally believe with you that no one is perfect and as a marketer we as resulted to grammar mistakes as we make our content and this might keep off some of the traffic that gets to our website, I believe that by having a grammar check option is the best tool that any marketer can have to improve on grammatical errors, personally as I create my marketing content I always have that option I tend to believe it’s provided by the platform that I use to create content,this making it easy for me. I really appreciate coming across this post as I have learnt something more ftonit, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more on how to improve my grammar and generally the content creation, thank you.

    From Joy.

    • Dear Joy!

      I appreciate your interest. You are welcome and thanks for commenting.

  2. Dear Prabakaran,

    This is one of the most excellent and well detailed product review I’ve read lately on Grammarly.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. No additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works.

    To share my own experience…

    I am a full-time blogger and using this tool for 2+ years. I have 150+ posts on my site. I write all my post with the help of Grammarly. Its an awesome and a must have tool for bloggers. I am also a non-native English speaker so Grammarly is a greater help and to be honest I can’t imagine of writing a post without Grammarly.

    Weekly Progress Report and Great Online Knowledgebase (Excellent and helpful training) are my favorite with this tool.

    By using this amazing tool I am learning a lot.

    Much Success!


    • Dear Paul!

      Thank you for reading my review on Grammarly and giving very good feedback. I am using the premium version and I feel very happy about its features. It helps a lot to me.

      Wish you success in your ventures.

  3. For anyone that is an avid writer a program like Grammarly seems to be an excellent tool to correct grammatical errors among other things. Being able to write an error free article is very good for rankings as well as the overall image of a website. A lot of times I see errors in websites and it only leaves me a bad taste, so I wouldn’t want the same to happen to my website. Good review, I will definitely keep this in mind in case of need.

  4. Hello Prabakaran, 

    I’ve been using the free package of Grammarly for some time and I can testify to its usefulness. I sometimes become so much absolved in the idea I want to convey in my writings to the extent that petty grammatical errors are made. But with the Grammarly app, not only does the red markings get my attention but it helps me to analyze statements I’ve written well. Sometimes the mind goes faster than the fingers so Grammarly is a helpful tool in those situations.

    I’m looking forward to signing up for a premium package to get the best out of it. Thanks for sharing this info.  

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