How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service|Top Hosting Providers Review

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service|Top Hosting Providers Review

There are a lot of web hosting services out there, and you must be very confused as to How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service.  So, to give you a clear picture I am going to tell you in detail about type hostings and what they have to offer at an affordable price. I have reviewed the top WordPress hosting services in this post. Have a quick look.

How are websites being hosted?

Let us see in general how the hosting companies host the websites. To make a site available to the world, You need to host that on servers that will connect to the web. Now, these servers are going to link the data,  the files, the scripts of your websites, which will return as a result of the search queries the people make daily.

How good and powerful the servers setup is, is going to define how faster this process will happen. Then, how sooner this process occurs, determines how fast your website load speed is.

Types of WordPress Hosting

There are four types of WordPress hosting, as shown below.


What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting will provide a server for your website only. So, you will not have to share your website with any other websites. Any types of security issues that affected other websites will not have to happen to your site.

Primarily, your website.’s fortune is not dependent on another website, which is excellent. However, you need to be aware that you are the one who needs to set up your server, have it up and running. If you dot have the expertise, you will have to have a technical team that will do that for you, which is going to cost you a lot.

The dedicated hosting will be costing you a minimum of $100 for unmanaged dedicated hosting and a maximum of as high as $300 for dedicated hosting approximately.

So If  you  do not have the

  • Time
  • Resources
  • experienced team

for setting up and maintaining the dedicated hosting, then this option is not optimal for you.

What is VPS Hosting?

The VPS is short for Virtual Private Server, which is a type of shared hosting.

The difference between shared hosting and VPS is that  VPS hosting also uses a physical server. However, about 10 – 20 websites can be hosted on VPS, and the reason why it is called a virtual server is that each of these 10 -20 websites has a single virtual server for them, and it means that they have a certain amount of resources provided for them.

So, whatever happens to one of the websites hosted on this server will not have a chain effect on the rest of the sites, which is excellent. However, if you own a growing website, a Virtual Private Server is not an excellent option for you because in case if you have an inevitable surge of traffic for a different type of reason, that might happen, for example, marketing reasons or something else.

Then the resources provided to your website will not scale automatically, which usually occurs with the other WordPress hosting such as shared or managed WordPress hosting.

So if you know that your website may one day have an inevitable traffic surge and need much more resources than that you already have, then VPS hosting is that not something you want to use.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shred hosting is one of the most popular types of word press hosting and perhaps the cheapest.

The thing with shared hosting, however, is that you have to share everything that they give to your website with the other websites that are hosted on your physical server as well.

So, unlike VPS, shared hostings do not have a virtual server provided to your website. So the resources provided are not limited, which means that the security issues usually the shared hosting have, and the speed issues might be affecting the other websites as well.

The great thing that it is going to be cheap. However, you have to make additional expenditure on security, on speed,  on backups, and stuff like that to make sure that your website will not go down. These are the additional payments and additional headaches that you have to take into consideration before using shared hostings.

If you own a small website and if you think that it is not going to grow very fast, you can choose shared hosting. However, I would like you to hear out what Managed Hosting will have to offer before you do that.

What Is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting use several last generation, High-performance servers, and cloud computing environment. Managed web hostings are the most reliable & secure and dynamic type of hostings that manage all technical aspect of running a website by themselves.  Therefore, everything with managed web hosting is safe and secure.

However, they might be a little pricy. But this aspect has become history with 10Web.

Now, let us compare the two most popular types of web hosting.

Comparison of Shared and Managed Hosting

Now, the thing that you have to know about shared hosting is that people usually choose because of how cheap they are.

Shared Hosting =cheap

They can start from a $3/month subscription plan, and they can go as high as $12/month plan. But, the lower you pay, the more commitment you need to have set like $3 / month and 36 months commitment.

In Shared hosting, since you have one private shared server with many different types of websites, you are going to have speed and security issues.  So, you will have to purchase additional malware removal services, backups, SSL certificates, etc., which may accumulate to $200/months with 12 months commitment.

And the speed issue is about google page speed score, which is red-flagged by search engines when for chances of ranking high on Google. There are a lot of things you need to know about shared hosting, and there are a lot of additional costs you are going to cover when coming to shared hosting.

Therefore, you must consider all those things before you choose shared hosting.

When talking about managed web hosting, you can pin point the following benefits

  • Very Secure
  • Safe
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Malware Scans
  • Free Backups
  • Free automatic backups

Most important is the host manages everything, and literally, you need not do anything connected with the technical aspect for running the website.

Why people generally ignore managed Webhosting is they are little pricy. But, as I already mentioned that with 10web, that is already history, and there is a very exceptional plan offered to you.

Now stay tuned to learn all about 10web.

To have a clear picture, I decided to pick some of the shared hosting platforms out there and compare them with 10web.

These companies  are:

I am going to compare these WordPress Hosting providers based on seven components, and these components are:

  1. Page speed
  2. Security
  3. Elasticity
  4. Uptime
  5. Customer Support
  6. Complimentary tools
  7. Pricing

Let me go through each of the seven components so that you have a better understanding as to why I chose these components for comparison.

Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most ranking factors in Google search engine. The higher your page speed score, the higher is the chances for ranking on the first page of the search engine results. Also, besides ranking, speed helps you to reduce the bounce rate. The user tends to leave a website if it loads anything less than 5 seconds.

For the sake of increasing the user experience and for driving traffic to your website, you have to make the optimization process for the page speed, and this should be your priority.


As I already mentioned earlier, because websites are hosted on the same server, all the resources among each other have high-security risks. Anything that might happen to one site in the shared hosting platform may chain affect the rest of the websites in the server as well.

That is why you would like a  hosting provider to provide security services, preferably for free, so that you need not pay any additional money besides that you are paying to Web hosters.


Elasticity is the crucial component of the hosting providers, especially if you have a potentially growing business. You want to ensure that the resources given to your website will scale whenever you have a traffic or a memory search. This is preferably available to all the plans that are hosting company has to offer.

Hence, you don’t have to payadditional for a plan that just has the scalable resources.


Website uptime is the time that a web service is available to the users over a given period. Website uptime is represented as a ratio of the time available divided by the total time.

Uptime is one of the essential components that you need to pay attention to when it comes to choosing a WordPress hosting platform.

Most companies are ensuring that they provide 99.9 % uptime. However, This is one of the best ways to ensure that the amount of uptime to host your website is to host in a cloud computing environment, just like 10web, hosts all sites on the last generation fast performing servers of Google cloud.

Customer Support

Support is another crucial component. No matter how much experience you are, but you must have excellent customer support available 24/7 to answer your questions and queries.

Complementary Tools

Complementary tools are other essential components, which are some tools or features that you want to pay attention to when choosing a host. You want to know what are the features and services you will be provided, besides the money you pay to host your website.


Pricing is something that you will make attention to when buying a host. Seeing a low price does not necessarily mean anything wrong at all. You can pay what actually costs for the features and plan. So you don’t want to overpay for additional featured beside the hosting.

Now, let us see the pricing that the companies offer and what their plans have to offer. Let us also know whether they include all these components, and are they worth to host your website.

Pricing of popular hosting providers

Pricing is one of the most popular and common things that people pay attention to while choosing a host. But pricing is very unbiased because people may just purchase the cheapest possible hosting plan .

But ultimately, they end up paying more money because a lot of features are not included in the plan, and they did not know it beforehand. They must have purchased so many things that just cost a lot more than some other hosting company might have cost for them.

So that’s why I am going to help you understand how you should evaluate a hosting company whether they have a great deal for you.


How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service|Top Hosting Providers Review

Lets us start with the 10web company, which is a managed WordPress Company. The lowest plan starts with $10 months billing, which is billed annually.

Besides managed WordPress hosting, it lets you connect three sites that are hosted in other shared hosting companies for management. You get real-time backup—website builder with 30 premium widgets, about 40 templates, and over 50 plugins. You also get services like security scanner, SEO plugin, and 24/7 customer support to answer your questions and queries uptime. This is about 10Web.

Now, as I mentioned, let us compare the rest of the hosting companies Pric Wise

To have more fare comparison, I decided to bring somehow all of these hosting companies in the same graph and then compare them with each other. I am going to select the cheapest available plans for each company.


Hosting provider Regular cheapest plan available /month Cheapest plan with offer/month 12  month add to cart price Basic add-ons like security, SSL, Seo Tax Toal for 12 months
Godaddy $9.99 $6.99 &7.99*12 $67.08 $79.99 nil $242.95
Hostgator $4.59 $2.75 $3.95*12 $123.22 $11.25 $181.87
Blue Host $7.99 $3.99 &5.95*12 $107.64 Nil $179

As we see in the above table blue host is the cheapest among them all. However, Just like we witnessed with 10Web, you get a lot more like the list below for Just $10/month =120$/year

  • Managed Hosting
  • SSL
  • Website Builder
  • 50 +Plugins
  • 30+ Premium Widgets
  • SEO Plugin
  • Analytics
  • 24/7 support
  • Website templates
  • Real-time backup
  • One hosted site
  • Three connected sites

Among all these companies, 10Web is the cheapest, and it is just not the shared hosting company but a managed web hosting company. Quality-wise and pricing wise 10Web are winning. Let us not draw any conclusion just now, but let us do more investigation.

Comparison Of page Speed

While checking the page speed with google page speed insights for the websites hosted  on all of these hosting providers practically with the same templates, I found out that the page speed with 10Web was giving the best results above 95. Whereas, the page speed of other hosting providers were almost below 80.

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service – Top Hosting Providers Reviewd

Comparison of the 7 componenets for the popular hosting services

10Web Godaddy Hostgator Bluehost
Security Isolated in a single container Your website is on the same website with 100s of other website Your website is on the same website with 100s of other website Your website is on the same website with 100s of other website
Security scanner SSL Certificate (restriction apply) SSL Certificate+ SSL Certificate
Built-in log in limitation 24/7  Security monitoring Resource Protection
Vulnerability scanning DDoS Protection
DDoS Scanning
Scanning and repair of hacked website
Free Website security audit
Back up Differential real-time backup + General back up and restore General back up and restore the weekly offsite backup General Back & Restore
Elasticity Scales with your  sites with traffic and surges Need to upgrade to higher plans site can be shut down Need to upgrade to higher plans site can be shut down Need to upgrade to higher plans site can be shut down
Uptime Powered by Goole cloud inherits by 99.99% uptime + Hosted on Godaddy server 99.9% uptime Hosted on Hostgator server 99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime
Support 24/7 Online  chat Support ready to answer any WP questions 24/7 Chat & Phone general support 24/7 Chat & Phone general support  Chat & Phone general support
Complementary tools Website Builder based on Elementor 125+ Free applications mobile templates Marketing credits
40+ templates The email with the al plan Image  library Google my business verification
50+ Premium Plugins The email with the al plan
SEO Service
Automated optimization
Pricing Managed Hosting one website and $10/month goes down to $6/month Shared hosting 1 Website $8.99 per month Shared hosting 1 Website $8.95 per month Shared hosting 1 Website $7.95 per month

Now you have seen the comparison between each hosting platform and free fell to try it yourself.

Just keep in mind that you have to keep up with the

  • Renewal prices
  • Services
  • Tools

Moreover, the shared hosting platforms are not geared up for WordPress only. Moreover, seing the above comparison my no 1 option will be 10WEB on overall.

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service

Then, Price wise and page speed-wise my overall option 2 will be Hostgator. This will be no 1 among the shared hosting.

If you are a beginner and do not know anything about internet marketing then,I will recommend another platform Wealthy Affiliate, where you can have managed hosting and training to build your website business.

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