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4 Tips On How To Increase Traffic On Your Website For Free

In this article, I am going to tell you how to increase traffic on your website for free by simply implementing on-page SEO.

4 Tips On How To Increase Traffic On Your Website For Free?

1. Looking At The Competitor’s Articles

Go to the Google search for the keyword you are looking to rank for. Then, Check for four to five top ranked pages on Google.

Just have a glimpse of how big their content is? Check out whether if it is perfect as an English professor written-article,

there is no grammatical blunder, really well written, captivating, exciting to read the article and all that or it is completely generic and comprehensive.

Generally speaking, it is kind of a personalized thing to judge and decide the quality of the article.

When you read the four or five top-ranking articles for the keyword you are looking for, probably you will get a pretty good idea about the quality with one post versus another. Then you can check out and think about your own content if it is better, on par or worse.

If you find that their quality of the article is better, then you have to equalize or exceed the article quality they have.

On top of the article length, is the keyword density. If, you can use a tool like SEO Quake you can quickly have a glimpse at the keyword density of various keywords you want to check.

In fact, you can analyze the competition. If the top ranked sites are using a specific keyword that you are also looking to rank for, then you should aim for a certain percentage of the time say 1.5% more than them or probably more or less same keyword density.

This is one of the reasons why the people ask what is the idea or suggested recommendation for the keyword density.

In the first place, It is very hard to Judge. It depends on

The best way to figure it out is to literally look for what keyword density, the google is ranking the sites on the top.

SEO Quake-SEO tool

3.Adding Images

When you look at any post you will see apparently a few images. Generally, adding more images is a good option for improving the SEO of a post. If you see in the audience or reader perspective  Adding more images =  More interesting.

When you are reading a text, it is nice to have an image to let you know what is actually going on in an illustrative way. So, the reader can easily interpret from the images.

Adding Keyword To Your Image

Adding more images are better and putting the keyword in the file name of the image will help improve SEO.

It must be remembered that you should not stuff your keyword but write a keyword rich phrase in the file name. Additionally, you are going to fill in the ALT TEXT with some keyword rich phrase and in the caption as well.

All these things will give an answer to the question  How To Increase Traffic On Your Website For Free? They add to the overall on page SEO and improve it.

Number Of Images

The minimum you can have 2 or 3 images on any post and it depends on the nature of the post. There is no maximum limit for the images and if it is relevant you can add the image.

The large file size of the images will slow down the loading of the site which in turn affects the on-page SEO factor.

Accordingly, you can add small file size images so that your site does not load slowly. Correspondingly, you may use the available tools to compress the image.

4.Embedding YouTube Videos

Another key point to answer the question of how To Increase Traffic On Your Website For Free? is to embed relevant YouTube video in your post which will add to the on-page SEO. There are many reasons why should you embed YouTube videos.

In the perspective of SEO, it adds relevancy to your post. Moreover, If you are writing a specific post and embedding a YouTube video about that subject google and YouTube understand what that video is about and the type of people who watch that video.

In other words, you can match that up that video with the content of your post, specifically a product review video or the video relevant to your subject. As a result, YouTube tells Google what that page is about. In essence, this relevancy is a better point to have.

Furthermore, it is useful for the visitor to understand the product or subject if it is a product review for example.

As a result, the main aim to make them stay on the page for a long time will be fulfilled by the visitor watching the video.

One of the ranking factors, that is the visitor’s engagement for a long time will be achieved and it is an added advantage to the on-page SEO.

My Final Words

  1. To summarize, my quick recapitulation to optimize the on-page SEO are:-
  2.  Checking out the competition and their articles.
  3. Looking into the keyword density.
  4. Importance of adding images.
  5. Embedding YouTube videos.

Now we have seen how to increase traffic on your website for free for on page SEO optimization.

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Now, You might be owning a website as your passion or for the purpose of earning some money by means of online marketing.

The hosting platform from which you are operating your website may be doing nothing to help you grow your online business.  Furthermore, your site may be not ranking anywhere and you are nowhere.

Maybe You are cheated by some online scams.

how to increase traffic on your website for free

You must have known some tips on how to increase traffic on your website for free? by reading my post. If you have any doubts, suggestions please feel free to write your comments below in the comment space.


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  1. This is a really cool article for newbie bloggers – full of great tips on how to get more free traffic to your website. 

    Personally, I didn’t realise that YouTube videos were so important when you are tying to rank an article. I have a ton of articles I can now go back through and add related videos through the embed function. 

    Thanks for the advice here – very helpful. 

  2. Hello Prabrakaran – I totally became engrossed on your site !  I was so busy taking notes and thinking about what I was going to do that I forgot that I was on your piece to provide a review.  That in and of itself is a great review.  I even had to get a second pen.

    Now you’ve changed my plans for the day as I have to take some actions as a result of what I’ve just learned.  Your site is very clear and helpful.

    Thank You – Mike

    • Mike!

      Thanks for your comments and glad that my post on page SEO was helpful to you.

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