How To Start A Blog In 2021- Series 1-How To Find Your Ideal Niche

If you ever wanted to start a blog that will make you money and help you quit your 9-5, job, then this series of posts- How to start a blog in 2021 is for you. I will walk you through step by step how to start your blog from scratch so that you can have your blog running in no time.

In the fifteen series of posts, you will learn how to find the ideal niche for your blog, how to choose the right blogging platform, how to select your domain name, how to set up your hosting, install WordPress, select a theme, how to write amazing content and how to make money from your blog.

I am going to split this into 15 posts because it is very long to write in a single post.

Disclaimer: This guide contains affiliate links through which I earn a commission if you use my links to make a purchase.

Step1-How To Find Your Ideal Niche

Finding  The Perfect Niche(Topic) For Your Blog

When it is coming to starting a blog the first and foremost step you need to do is to determine what topic you going to write about. There is a general concept in the blogging world that you need to write about what you are passionate about or blog about what you love.

But with experience, when it is coming to making money online through a blog I can honestly ascertain you that it is not the topic you love that makes you money but the topic you are good at.

So how to decide the topic for your blog? You have to do some research on the niche.

Ask yourself some questions 

  • Will Your niche solve any problem?
  • Does your niche have demand?
  • Can your niche make money online?

Will Your Niche Solve Any Problem?

Generally, people come to the internet to find solutions for their problems and to find answers to their Questions. Google in turn comes up with answers to the search queries by bringing answers from bloggers like me and you. So, If you as a blogger can solve that problem and give the best solution or a perfect answer, then you have earned yourself a follower or reader.

 Does Your Niche Have Demand?

Now, you have to find out that does your niche has demand among the people. How to do it?

There is a powerful tool by Google known as Goole trends. Go to the google trends page and type in your niche, that is if you are going to blog about say natural Skincare type in Natural Skincare and see what result is coming up. Sort it out for 5 years and if the search query result graph is stable then your topic is a winner but if the graph trends downward, you have to stay away from the topic.

How To Start A Blog In 2021- Series 1-How To Find Your Ideal NicheCan Your Does Your Niche Make Money?

These-are the question you should ask yourself before determining your niche.

  • Can this Niche Make Money?
  • Are there products on the internet that I can promote?
  • Are there ebook or courses in my niche that is selling.?

The simple method of finding out is by searching on Google. You Type in “Naural Skin Care Course” in the Google search bar and if the search query shows a ton of s results about different courses on your niche then  you are done:

Next, you need to check whether the niche you chose has any affiliate program that you can promote by which you can monetize your blog. So again type natural skincare affiliate program in the Google search and if you get affiliate programs then you are done again. For Example, If you become on the Amazon Platform There are millions of products to promote.


Finally, you can check if there are ebooks in the niche you selected. Simply visit Amazon and search for natural skincare ebook.  If your search shows ebooks with the price and good sales then you find your niche

In this step 1of How To Start A Blog In the 2021 series, we have learned How To Find Your Ideal Niche. In the next post, we will see how to select a perfect name for your blog. If you have any suggestions or comments you are welcome to comment below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog In 2021- Series 1-How To Find Your Ideal Niche”

  1. It is very good to plan ahead of time and that is why we need to make a very good pan for 2021 as it’s here already, this Will help us make a pot of money that’ll help us be comfortable in the new year. Blogging is a very nice idea but I think it takes time to grow. How long does it averagely take to make money from blogging?

  2. Great input Prabakaran,

    I’ve always known that there are many niches to choose from in the internet marketing world but I never thought of checking Google Trends and the search results to check their values! That’s very helpful especially the Affiliate Programs search part. For a beginner, do you think it’s wise to start from a specific niche, or should we get ourselves used to the major niches like weight loss?

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