What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online?

Before I begin to present my postwhat is the best keyword research tool free online ? ”  I want to give you a tip about honesty in online marketing.

Whenever you want to start an online business you need to be honest. You need to recommend, create a true and honest recommendation to people because you want to help people. You just want to get into online marketing because of how much you can make, but you need to be honest, helpful and need to put honest and helpful content that can help one to solve the problem. Otherwise, you will not succeed in your venture.

Just do on to others as you would have done on to you.

Importance Of Keyword In Online Marketing For Your Ranking, Success, And Money

The keywords are key to your online business. The keywords are your road to capturing your audience to your website by ranking best in the search engines which ultimately leads to money. No matter how you are attempting. It may be free tools, paid tools cost per click adds.

We are going to use free tools like Google, Keywords everywhere, Ds Amazon quick view, amazon.com, and Ubersuggest.

1.Keywords Everywhere Tool

The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online

Go to google and type in keywords everywhere. Scroll down to where it says Keyword everywhere tool-Keyword tool- chrome web store. Click on there and you will get Google web store add-on window.

By clicking the green button Add to Chrome add the tool to your browser.

Keywords everywhere tool gives you monthly volume, cost per click and competition data of your favorite websites. It can be installed on Google and Firefox. Using Keyword everywhere tool you can download keyword lists in various forms such as excel


2. Ds Amazon Quick View Tool

The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online

Do the same method to add Ds Amazon Quick view tool to your browser.

This tool allows you to directly see the product information in the Amazon index page itself instead of opening the product page. You can see the product sales rank, reviews, product ASIN, price, and shipping methods more instantly. Whenyouhoverthe mouse over the image, the popup show all the details. Therefore it saves your time. Also, you can see the sales ranking directly below the product image on the index page. The lower the rank the sales are more. Therefore when you select a product or niche select the lower ranking products.

3. How To Select A Niche From Amazon

After installing the extensions you have to go to Amazon. In Amazon, there are millions of products to choose from to create your niche.  Go through various products, choose a product you are passionate about, something you are comfortable with, you can be able to recommend to other and to help someone to solve a problem. I always recommend being honest as much as you can with online marketing.

Whenever do you want to recommend any product to someone go to the bottom in the review sections and see how many reviews that particular product is getting and if the product is helping people?

Whenever the people are going to Amazon by clicking your affiliate links they are going to view the review section.

For example, when you type Acer Laptop in Amazon search, you find the results specific to Acer laptop. See the images below.


Keyword Research Tool Free Online


If you see the product 1 there are a lot of sales, lesser negative review and  62% (higher) 5-star review, comparing to product-2. Hence, I would go for this product through the rank is more than Product-2.


Keyword Research Tool Free Online

If you see product 2 there are a lot of sales, the negative review is 23% and 5-star ranking is only 48%. Although it is ranking #8, I will not go for this product. Therefore your niche becomes little broader and you can get a wide range of products to promote. Hence you can select Laptop niche instead of Acer laptop niche.

Important Point To Be Noted While Doing The Niche Research

One thing I want you to consider while you are doing niche research in the beginning because you are going to use free tools and free sites to do your affiliate marketing you need not to go to niche related product. You need to go for some kind of a broad niche. You don’t want to be as specific as possible and you don’t want to be as broad as possible. So I would not select a brand product as a niche. That is I will not go for ACER laptop instead I would go for Laptop as a niche.

The laptop niche on Amazon is getting a lot of sales and people buy these products. I would just target this niche that I will be able to review the product on youtube or start a Pinterest account around this Laptop and create boards around different brands of laptops that I can recommend to people.

4. Using Google-What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online ?

Best Keyword Research Tool


 Now we have to go to Google. You type in Laptops in the search. Keywords everywhere tool in our browser extension will show you the monthly search volume for the particular key phrase- 673,000/month, Cost per click (CPC) –if you have Ad Sense in your site or on YouTube. I am going to be earning $ 0.72 per click. Competition-0.99

Once you scroll down, you will find searches related to the keyword phrase, you will find the other related keyword phrases people are searching. You can find the monthly search volume cost per click and competition. Hence you can find many keywords with low competition.

Keyword Research Tool

One Quick Tip

Whenever you are doing your keyword research the competition should be 0.01 or near. 0.01 or  o02 are the low competition keywords. These low competition keywords are going to be so easily rank up in the Google and all the traffic is going to come to your site.

5. Ubersuggest

Keyword Tools

Ubbersuggest is a free keyword tool you can use. This also needs the browser extension keyword everywhere tool to work. The main benefit of Ubersuggest is when you search for a keyword through Ubbersuggest you will get a lot of keyword suggestions.

This tool gives you lot of suggestion related to your keyword with low competition. This is the best way to do keyword research. This is faster than Google keyword method.

Niche Websites

It is good to target a specific keyword or phrases when you begin a niche website for which you are going to pay for the domain and hosting and that is going to be so easy to rank up in Google.

Niche For Social Media Profiles

If you are going to create free profiles on social media to drive traffic back to your offers using free traffic methods you should not be as specific as possible because on this platform you won’t be able to recommend other brands when you are specific. Therefore I want you to keep this in mind when you are doing keyword research and you will find that really helpful.

How Easy Is Keyword Research For Niche Selection Through Free Tools?

The keyword research through free tools is not so easy. You have to try with different keyword phrases until you get 0.01 competitions.

After so many trials I got some low competition keywords in the below example. But iI could not get as low as 0.01.  It takes hours to find that perfect keyword that has a less amount of competition. You should keep this in mind from the beginning.

Keyword tools

Getting confused right? Then How to get out of this cumbersome procedure? How to save time in Keyword research?

But I want to tell you that I did not get the data I needed by using the free tools and other expensive tools as well.

Also, since I am a part-time online entrepreneur I was searching for a free or affordable, powerful and time-saving keyword research tool.  The question –“ What is the best keyword research tool free online? ” was lingering my mind, for a long time.

Finally, I found a very use full, worthy, time-saving, awesome, accurate and a result-oriented keyword tool which brought my niche website on the first page of Google.

Do you want to know where it is? Do you want to know what it is?

                                                                        <======Find Here======>

The Awesome Jaaxy Keyword Research Platform

Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy is the most powerful and accurate keyword research platform among the contemporarily available tools and platforms online. Jaaxy gives SEO ready Keywords and keyword phrases within no time. Jaaxy has more user-friendly features than any other platform. You do not need great knowledge about SEO to use it.


Awesome Features Of Jaaxy

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online




AVG-The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

Traffic– No of Visits to your website if you achieve first-page search engine ranking.

QSR– Quoted Search results- The no of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.

KQI– Keyword Quality Indicator:-  Green – Great, Yellow-OK, Red-Poor.

SEO –The score based on traffic and competition- Higher the score, more likely you will rank better in search engines.

Domains: Availability of domains for the particular keyword.

Related: The keywords related to your target keywords

Brainstorm: A list of keyword to help you to brainstorm.


The Best Keyword Tool


  • Do your keyword research and find the targeted keyword within no time.
  • You can save the keywords to lists.
  • SEO ready keywords.
  • More advanced than other available tools in the market.
  • Free for starter members.
  • Affordable for Wealthy Affiliate premium members.
  • Check your site rank.
  • Has an attractive affiliate program by which you can refer people and earn a commission.
  • Keyword search by alphabetical order.
  • Advanced and latest technology and features.
  • Accurate keyword results.


I do not see any disadvantages except the starter members get only 30 free keyword searches.

But this is negligible when you find your website starts ranking high in the search engines.


You must be a part-time or full-time online marketer or an aspiring newcomer. As a part-time marketer, you will definitely have time constraints.

Most of you are on the verge of quitting online marketing because there is no traffic and money after so much of hard work. This is because you did not find the right platform and right keyword tool.

You might be struggling to get your website ranked and seeking an advanced and result oriented platform to find your SEO ready keywords.

  My Niche Website Rank With Jaaxy

Jaaxy site Rank
















The question “  What is the best keyword research tool free online ? “ might be lingering and worrying your mind always. Where to go? Do not worry.


Hope you enjoyed my article ” What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Free Online ? “. If you have any doubts, suggestions you are welcome to drop your comments below.




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  1. Hello. It is a pity that before I did not realize the power of keywords and did not know how affiliate marketing works. I ran a blog for several months and I had very little traffic. Now I’m going to create a new keyword-target blog and I will definitely come back to your article and read more of your articles. Thanks for this post.

    • Michael

      Thanks for droppping by. The keywords are the key for your visitors to reach your site. i am happy that you realized this through my post. Always you are welcome to my site.


  2. Hey this is a really good article with a lot of helpful information about JAAXY. I do really enjoy JAAXY and it helped me out a lot with my keywords. This article is really helpful and covers JAAXY perfectly, i have not upgraded yet though and im not sure if i will unless i start bringing in revenue. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Really Jaaxy is helpful. you can also use the extensions for your browser which is very useful. You can find out the keywords immdietly when you start searching. Very easy. I am using These keyword research tool as well.


  3. Thanks for sharing about Jaaxy ! I had a quick try after reading your post and I am truly amazed on how user friendly & detailed the tool is !

  4. This really got me because I have made up my mind that this year I will quit online marketing because there is no traffic at all I ain’t seeing what I really expect to see,when there is no traffic how can you earn.I really got frustrated with these but u think I have no reason to quit now because reading through this I’ve seen the steps to take to solve my problems.Thanks for this information.

    • Hi!


      Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Online marketing takes even more and more time to develope. Select a good niche, which is not broad and keep on posting. Do not forget to use appropriate keywords. You will succeed 100%.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing about Jaaxy! I had few unpleasant experience with those current keywords tools as it was quite confusing and hard to be installed and sometimes my computer might crash upon installation.

    I had a quick try after reading your post and I was so amazed how user friendly and detailed the tool is!

  6. When I first started my blogging career, I was very overwhelmed with keyword research.  It was confusing and hard to piece together.  Keyword tools are a lifesaver because they break everything down for you and allow you to make a well informed decision regarding what keywords to use.

    I’ve used several keyword tools, but I would have to say that Jaaxy is my absolute favorite because it saves me time and is extremely easy to use.

  7. Thanks for sharing such informative post. I am an affiliate marketer but never promote any product from Amazon before. The method that you did to search for a profitable niche is very interesting. When I first started niche marketing, I never thought of promoting physical products. That’s why I only joined Clickbank that has information products. Btw, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy is free with unlimited keyword searches. But there is option to pay for premium if anyone wants to access more features.

  8. This is a great review considering how important keyword research is to writing content on our websites/blogs.  I see your biggest recommendation is Jaaxy.  I absolutely agree with you on this review.  Jaaxy is not only a keyword tool but can do so much more.  There are just some tools that you cant do without if you want to make a living online and a good keyword tool is likely the most important.

    Thank you for taking the time to right such a thorough review


  9. Thank you for sharing with us this greatful review on the best keyword research tool free online.I am happy that you are helping who are doing affiliate marketing to get information on how to find a keyword without paying for it.

    I am affiliate marketer for few months and I am using Jaaxy as research tool and it is free anyone who need to be successful on this business can use it.

  10. Thank you for your insightful, well-researched article on the Internet’s best free keyword research tool. I see what you’re saying, about how the other’s fall short, though it seems like they were almost as good as Jaaxy, though not quite up to par. I like what you had said about the product, specifically that it does offer a number of trial uses, up to 30 of them.

    Thank you for sharing this informative post. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    • Kevin!

      Thanks for Visiting My site. I am glad that the post helps you.  As said earlier, Jaaxy is really awesome although it has it’s  limitation for a starter. Still, I am using Jaaxy Lite as A Wealthy Affiliate premium member which, really helps me. The Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise has awesome options.

      Thanks for commenting

  11. Thanks for the awesome post about the best keyword & niche research tool! Much grateful! Personally, I’ve started using keyword research tools long before I came across Jaaxy and couldn’t just find any tool out there that I ever enjoyed as much as Jaaxy. Jaaxy has come to compare the strengths and weaknesses of other tools out there and has become the best, yet the easiest niche & keyword research tool in the industry even for the newbies.

    I’ve always seen it as an instrumental blogging tool when it comes to building out the kind of content that ranks well in search engine result pages (SERPs). I’ve found it an indispensable niche & keyword research tool for my business. Thanks for this informative and helpful post!

    Israel Olatunji

  12. Thank you for writing this article about keywords. You’ve done a great job explaining why they are so important and what one should be looking for when choosing a keyword.

    I have used many keyword tools, both free and paid, and also often been very confused by the data that they return. What I like about the look of Jaaxy is that the interface is simple and clear and is not too much information to confuse people, especially if they are new.

    I was wondering whether you recommend Jaaxy for all levels of Internet Marketer or is it aimed at a certain ability level?



    • Mark!

      Jaaxy can be used at all levels. For new members in Wealthy Affiliate 30 searches are free.  Premium Wealthy Affiliate members can use Jaxxy lite which is also great with unlimited searches. More advanced Jaaxy pro and  Enterprise are also available for advanced users which are paid plans. In my opinion, Jaaxy lite is more than enough for beginners. When your affordability increases you can go for advanced plans.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Thank you for your great post, am quite sad I didn’t get to see this post earlier. I had a blog I was running back then but I quit that because I couldn’t get ranked and also get enough traffic. Now I know the importance of Jaaxy and keyword. Am definitely going to put this tools into use on my new blog. 

  14.  This post is very  informative I just started affiliate marketing I was worried about choosing a key word,  because then I am a beginner I didn’t know exactly it’s importance your post made me realize it is , bridging the gap between your content and your audience.

     please is jaaxy recommended to get a good key word or niche?

    • I am glad that my post helps you. Jaaxy is best for the keyword for niche and posts as well.

      Thanks for commenting Seun.

  15. This is some great advice! Honesty really is the best policy in any type of environment but more so in business because you are trying to build trust with a complete stranger. It’s great that you have reminded us of this important fact.

    I really do enjoy using Jaaxy and would recommend it to anybody who is even slightly curious about it. Jaaxy really is great at helping you find the best keywords possible. Keywords are really important because that’s what people are searching so that’s how you get them to your site (like you have said).

    Jaaxy also has other great tools even in the lite version so it is definitely worth it!

    • I am happy that you understood my intention. First, teaching something and building trust in our brand is very essential. Else, we will not succeed. Generally, you will see differing results in different keyword tools. But in my opinion and experience, the low-hanging keyword found by Jaaxy lite really ranks the post well.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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