Learn What Is Affiliate Marketing – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tip And Tricks For Beginners

The position has arisen in such a way that without internet there is nothing in the world now. Everything is becoming online and may be offline business will cease to exist in the near future. Therefore, internet marketing has become very high potential scope of business. Hence, you have to learn what is affiliate marketing to use the opportunity at the right time.

Affiliate marketing is sharing of sales revenue between online advertisers or merchants and online salespeople.  The payout is based on the performance basically in the form of clicks, sales, and sign-ups.

The advertisers and merchants are known as affiliate merchants, and publishers or sale the persons are known as affiliates.

There is a high potential for earning lots of money in the affiliate marketing business.

You can advertise and promote on the internet in many forms and get paid, which may be sales, registrations, and clicks.

Once you master the affiliate marketing you will be in the top position.

Affiliate marketing made a lot of companies rise to the top in the online industry including amazon.com, eBay etc. Amazon and eBay were first to adopt affiliate marketing in their process of growth and presently they have 1000s of affiliates grow with them.

Learn What Is Affiliate Marketing – Become Your Own Boss

In affiliate marketing, you can make money at home, on travel, at your leisure and you are your own boss. To become your own boss you have to learn what is affiliate marketing.

No need to worry about 8.00 to 5.00 work. You are in control of everything, you own your website, your own your business and work at your will.

Earn Extra Bucks

If you are looking for extra money, affiliate marketing is the best gateway to start with and if you learn what is affiliate marketing you can earn extra money.

You can start your affiliate marketing website with one advertiser or as many as you wish. Now, internet reaches all the nook and corner of the world and almost 80% of the population have started using the internet. Therefore, the potential for online sales is rising every day and this is the right time to step in.

6 Basic Qualities Required For Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people are aspiring to become affiliate marketers and give up early without putting in hard work.

There are some basic qualities which you should possess to become successful in the affiliate business.

  • The desire to learn.
  • Invest time and effort.
  • Determination.
  • Discipline.
  • Optimism.
  • Not giving up early.

The attitude you have towards the business should always be positive because you are the boss of your website and you are the one driving it towards the destiny of success and a cutting-edge career.

Learn What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Begin?

Selecting Niche

All the people have some passion. This passion is the trigger point of affiliate marketing.

Identify your passion, hobby or interests. For example, you may be passionate about fashion. But you have to identify which field of fashion you know more? It may be women fashion. But still, you have to narrow down like women casuals, earrings, makeup etc.

Hence, you will have more knowledge and interest in promoting the products. This is how you turn your passion into a business. This is known as the niche.

Starting A Website

Now you can search for advertisers (merchants) their products and services related to your passion (niche) and make research about the advertiser. You have to make consideration of their commission structure and conversion rate as well.  Then create a website with your niche with a good domain name and a reliable and affordable hosting platform.

Now you start posting articles on your website consistently in the niche you are interested and build the trust of the visitors who are possible buyers and demonstrate that you are expert in the field.

Thus, you encourage them to buy the products that you promote.

Affiliate Networks

Apart from the individual advertisers, there are many affiliate networks in the internet space. The affiliate networks are the platforms that integrate with the advertisers and affiliates. The payment of commission and everything is managed by the networks.

You can join the affiliate network platforms when there is a trust on your website in the search engines. Then you can get information about good advertisers and best products to promote.

You have to make research on the product for high conversion rates and decide to select the product for promotion. Generally, the advertisers in the network take some time to approve your application.

The Truth Behind Affiliate Marketing

The truth about affiliate marketing is the fact that 90% of affiliates are making less than $100 a month because they do not use the proper strategies and effort.

Unless you do the following actions you cannot build a full-time income from affiliate marketing.

1. Building a good blog or website that converts.

2. Optimizing your site for search engines.

3. Picking a right advertiser.

Unless you get a good amount of traffic to your website you will not earn money. Maybe 1 out of 200 visitors will purchase your promotions.

Search Engine Optimization will bring your site to the top of the search engines so that a lot of people will reach your site.

People assume that affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick program. They throw attractive banners and a couple of links in their site and wonder why they never earn money at all.

How Much Can You Make If You Start From The Scratch

If you are good and quick learner you may touch $2000 in 2 years. This is based on the fact that you are doing a full-time job and affiliate marketing as a part-time job and not be able to devote full time to the business.

When you have started, the hardest time and challenge will be only in the first few months and if you are not earning in these months you will start wondering if the hard work is worth it.

When you get some sales you have to stay committed to the hard work so that the commission will start growing.


The Key factor with affiliate marketing is the traffic that goes through your site.  Although you will get a lot of traffic passing through your website, only a fraction of the traffic will be converted into sales.

The important is you have to know and identify your visitor’s requirement and find the suitable advertisers to meet their needs.

You have to use the presale concept that puts the visitor to have a mindset to click on your promotion.

That is you have to write articles teaching them about the uses of the product ingredients etc. and direct them to the review post through a link. Therefore they will be tempted to click on the product.

When you start doing the affiliate marketing with building your website with proper guidance and a reliable platform you can start growing with learning and earning.

You have to do a lot of headwork with dedication by putting the time and effort into your programs, you’ll be well on the threshold of success in the exciting space of the affiliate marketing

Kickstart Now

Now you are ready to sell or promote something. You have researched and found your field of interest, even selected your niche. But Still, you are still confused about starting your own website. You are keeping your fingers crossed. If there is a will there is a way. Are you creative, willing to embrace and implement the creative new ideas?  Then this is the right place for you.

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Learn What Is Affiliate Marketing

you must have enjoyed reading my post  “learn what is affiliate marketing”. If you have any questions or suggestion do not hesitate to write your comments here.


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  1. To earn money with affiliate marketing takes some time and determination to see great results. It’s my favorite way to make money online, because you don’t need to own any products or anything like that. Just gotta promote other products! Most people fail at affiliate marketing, because they give up way too early. There’s a lot of money to be made here, and it’s worth all the hard work in the end.

  2. You have explained things so well and in an easy to understand way.
    I have heard the term “affiliate marketing” but it was not explained so well and I was worried it will make me push things on people so they can buy and I`m totally not a salesperson.
    Now reading your post, I understand that the most important is to place affiliate links on my post.
    What I did not understand is this, how many affiliate links are too many in one post?
    Now you mention narrowing down a niche, an example you gave women earrings as a niche, will that not be too narrow, in my opinion, I could summarise earrings in 300 words and not have anything more to say about it.Or did I understand the word niche wrongly?
    I`m still new to affiliate marketing so things are still confusing, still, I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks so much for sharing and for explaining things so well.

    • Hi Roamy

      Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you found my post useful. About affiliate link placement better not to spread your affiliate link in each and every post. You can write posts about helping your audience and then  another review post in 1:1 ratio. The review post can have affiliate links 3 to 5 times. The Helping posts you write may be linked to your review post. About Niche selection, for example, If you are selecting health and fitness field, you can narrow down to heart health niche.  The niche selection depends on your interest. If your not comfortable with “women ear rings” still it can be “women gold ornements” or women Ornaments” like that.hope this helps you.

      Thank you again

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