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Link Building And Benefits Of Building Links

I want to share something  Important about Link Building And Benefits Of Building Links, which I learned from the Wealthy Affiliate University to optimize your blog or website for SEO. It is about link building strategy from the authority sites.

You, as a new blogger, might be wondering what backlink means? The word backlink is one of the most used words in SEO.  The word Backlink is a familiar word among bloggers in the aspect of search engine optimization.

Link building in your blog is one of the significant search engine optimization aspects that you should know. In this article, let us see what link building is, benefits of the backlinks, and how it is beneficial to our website.

Link building is a task of getting links to your blogs. Most of the internet gurus feel that writing quality articles will help in fetching backlinks, but it may help only to an extent.  Unless you put some effort, you may not get backlinks.

Link building is nothing but getting links from quality and authority websites relevant to your niche.

Firstly, let us know what a backlink is. Read this article about backlinks, and you will have a clear cut idea.  We have to focus on the relevancy of the quality links. Besides, the variety of links play a  significant role in the search engine ranking.

The Benefits Of Building Links

Backlink building


The Link Building is a vital strategy in search engine optimization, and here I am highlighting some of the significant benefits that link building gives to your site.

  • One of the vital factors that decide the popularity of a website is the number of inbound links to your blog/website. Furthermore, the incoming links from authority websites influence the google page ranking as well.
  • Google SERP always rewards the sites having quality incoming links from authority websites.
  • The link building does not indicate the number of links but the quality of the links.
  • Receive more traffic from the linked website.
  • Quality incoming links from authority website make your site as a valuable source of knowledge or information.
  • Quality link building helps Search engines index your site quicker.
  • Enables your site’s visibility in search engines.

How to build links?

  • Writing quality Contents
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submission
  • Dofollow blog comments
  • Dofollow social bookmarking websites.
  • Infographics.
  • Write cornerstone contents and inform the bloggers

Before the Google Penguin Algorithm implemented the process of building backlink was easier.

You could easily submit articles directories, automated tools, and Web2.0 sites to generate backlinks. That time quality of article or links does not matter much.

But, the after 2014 link building became much more skill and you have to do it more naturally.  Also, you cannot easily do it overnight. It takes much more time.

Nowadays bloggers have many other strategies for link building, but if you have niche sites it is better to have proper planning in link building

Few Examples For Authority Sites With Backlinks

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Google
  • All social media sites
  • E-commerce sites like Amazon
  • Wikipedia  and many more

Now, You might be wondering where did I learn all these. Yes, I want to tell you proudly that I learned all these from WEALTHY AFFILIATE.  Two years ago, before joining  Wealthy Affiliate, I had zero knowledge about the internet world. Now, in 2 years, I learned a lot about blogging, internet marketing, and even eCommerce.

I run successfully four websites in this platform out of which two are  blogs, one amazon affiliate site, and one e-commerce site .

What Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

In simple terms

  • The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides 1000’s of text-based and video classes.
  • Live video training and recorded version.
  • Website hosting and building. Free Trial available.
  • You can build your website from the scratch side by side, following the lessons by the co-founder Kyle- with his easy to understand English.
  • Expert support from the community.
  • You can form your network with thousands of experienced community members to share the knowledge.
  • Instant solution to your doubts & questions by ‘Ask A question’ and “live Chat’ options.
  • Instant solution by the ‘site support”, related to your website technical issues and so on.
  • Incredible research Tools.
  • There is an excellent content creation platform with access to millions of images, with grammar and plagiarism checking facility
  • Earn money from the best referral program with your website.
  • The affiliate training ,Wealthy affiliate provide unmatched by the contemporary providers in the industry
  • To my knowledge, Wealthy Affiliate is the largest and genuine affiliate marketing community around the world.
  • Write your blog and create training as well.
  • You can get comments on your blog in giving and take method
  • You can give and get feedback about your website.

If you want a fast money system, then this place is not for you.


Then What are you waiting for?

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What Is Project Life Mastery

Hope you have found my article Link Building And Benefits Of Building Links useful. If you have any new Ideas or methods for link building you are welcome to share here in the comment box below.

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3 thoughts on “Link Building And Benefits Of Building Links”

  1. Good day Prabakaran. Thanks for this educating article on how to build links and the benefits of building links as a blogger. This article has really opened my eyes to what a link is all about and how to make good use of it. So about Backlinks, they are the links to your website on other authority websites, right?

    1. Thanks for your comment Nelson!

      Not only authority sites but also the website having good traffic can produce good traffic!

  2. Hello there!, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information with me, it is great to learn about backlinks. The main thing to online business is the ability to generate links, as it is from the links that one is able to get commissions for. Most bloggers need to be able strategize on how to make the generation of links their most important thing In blogging.

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