Make Money With Amazon Associates Program

Make Money With Amazon Associates Program – Tips And Tricks

Can You Make Money With the Amazon Associates Program?

Yes, you can if you use the program strategically. You should know the reason why you should use the program to earn money. In this article let us see the tips and tricks to make money with Amazon Associates Program.

Why you should use Amazon Associates Program To Make Money

 Affiliate Commissions

Most of the people think that the 4% commission is insufficient. But you should compare the difference of commissions made between a $12 item, which is 0.48 cents, and a $3000 item, which is $120. You can see that 4% doesn’t seem that bad. Additionally, if you sell 7 items then 4 % commission goes to 6%.

You can easily sell 7 items at low cost and reach 6%. When you reach the higher scale of selling your commission will turn up to even 8.5%,

 When Customer Buys More Than A Single Item

The great thing about Amazon is that you get paid when the visitor goes to Amazon and buys your recommendation or for any number of other products as well. If the customer revisits the site again within 24 hours and buys something you get the commission again because the tracking cookies work for 24 hours.

 Every Cent Adds Up Thousands Of Dollars

In the beginning, the commissions may look small. You have to be patient as an affiliate marketer.

If you are consistently writing good and unique articles on your website/blog, you will attract people to Amazon and your sales definitely will grow. You have to celebrate these small payouts because it is going to add up when you are consistent.

Therefore, be patient. Make sure to provide plenty of links on your website or blog to bring people to the Amazon products that you are promoting.

Providing Adequate Links To Your Post

You make sure that you are providing adequate links to the products you want your site visitors to click and ultimately purchase. The more links, the more likely that you will have a sale complete. You should have a better call to action in your article to drive the visitor to Amazon Don’t be afraid to place your links strategically in your content or article.

Why Amazon Associates Program Better Than Others?

No matter you are in the affiliate marketing space for some time or a newbie and you find yourself struggling, then you have landed in right place make money With Amazon Associates Program.

It is time for you to learn why Amazon Affiliate Program is better than the others.

The first thing you should understand that nothing happens out of luck. Success comes from hard work, dedication and understanding the techniques and this is what makes it work. Amazon Affiliate Program is undoubtedly one that is worth understanding.

 No need to sell yourself 

 Most of the Amazon products sell easily themselves. The only thing you have to do is drive the visitors to Amazon. You do not have to work hard at selling Amazon products like you do with digital products

 No Pre-selling

Most of the products sold on Amazon are physical products. There will be lesser skepticism from your visitors when they are seeking for physical products over the digital products.

You do not know really what it is until you make the purchase and start using the digital products. Whereas with physical products you know what you are buying in all aspects. Physical goods are also more popular because the product is tangible and you can feel it.

There Is No Saturation

Some products on the market have the saturation point. You might have of heard of products being oversold online like some digital products. But when you are promoting Amazon products, you do not need to ever worry about much competition. A single product can be sold in plenty every year.

Amazon provides you with an excellent opportunity to grow yourself with an excellent income by promoting reputable products that are readily available.

 Using Bestseller List To Increase Sales

Many affiliate marketers have joined Amazon Affiliate program because of the potential income opportunity it offers. However, just many people do not perceive how they can remarkably increase their Amazon affiliate sales and increase their commissions rapidly. The secret behind is the ‘Best Seller List.’

The best seller list technique is not new. Many businesses are doing the best seller list technique for decades with enormous success. Amazon is doing this too! Therefore, create your own Best Seller list from Amazon bestseller list in your niche. You can post articles and reviews on your blog and among the contents of your website.

How Bestseller Works

Your bestseller list can have up to 10 to 15 products in your category. You can have many categories in your niche.

Consumers love always trends and trending products.

We love to do what others are doing. Bestseller products are always trending and current products.

You get good sales rate and better conversion than before the list creation and get sales accumulated resulting in higher commission rates.  You have to make sure that your best seller list lasts long in popularity.

Tricks To Make Money With Amazon Associates Program

Selecting Low Priced Products  

Many Amazon Affiliates are earning comfortable money. But all are not successful.So we see few tricks that helped others to be successful.

Actually, all prefer to sell the high priced product more Than $100.But, the sales frequency of high priced products will be less. The clever way is to sell lesser priced products in large quantities so that your payout percentage increases. Hence, even if you sell the high priced item at a lesser frequency the commission will be more. You have to keep in mind that 7 no of sales will increase the commission from 4% to 6%.

To achieve this you can set up different websites for a different niche.

 Selecting Multiple Tracking IDs

Make sure to make different tracking ID’s for your every website in order to study your traffic pattern.

Amazon by default assigns you one tracking ID. However, you can create up to one hundred tracking ID. so you can study the traffic analytics. In this process, you can study the source of the traffic and the products they are targeted to in order to make selling decisions.

 Product Comparison And Review Articles

Best way to boost the sales is to make product comparison and review posts for every product within your niche. This enables the visitors to compare the different features of each product. This is an excellent way to boost your sales up to 10 percent more Generally people overlook this method which has a high potential.

Tips To  Make Money With Amazon Associates Program

Look At Few Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Blog

  • You have to write for your audience and not for you.
  • Giving Personal endorsement is a great tool for generating a high click-through rate.
  • Link to reputable and good quality products
  • Deep Links within your content Work Best than the banners.
  • Considering the hot spots for Link Placement –sidebar, end of the post and inside the content.
  • Provide clickable product images.
  • Product   Reviews and product comparison posts.
  • Tracking your results through amazon statistic software or Google analytics.
  • Being honest with your audience
  • Combine other affiliate links within your content too.
  • Building your email list.
  • Take advantage. of special days like festivals, valentines days and holidays.

Where And How To build And Start Your Amazon Associates Program

Now you know briefly about the Amazon affiliate programme.You will be wondering where and how, to begin with.

Many people fail in affiliate marketing because they do not land the appropriate place to build their business. You have to have some platform to teach you from the scratch. I will show you the place where I build my online business,

I was in the same position as you when I started my affiliate business website.Then I found this useful awesome and affordable platform where you can learn from the scratch side by side build your affiliate venture.

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Make Money With Amazon Associates Program


You have the to create a good landing page on your website. Your landing page needs describe everything you have to offer and how it will help your visitors. You should not be overselling the products you offer. your visitors should feel like you care about is the money. Otherwise, they are not going trust you. So always create a trust among the visitors. When you do this, your visitors are going to visit your site again and again.

You should create a customer base by treating your customers well and providing the best support you can. It is key to running your business to Make Money With Amazon Associates Program.

As an Amazon affiliate, you have the opportunity to run a very profitable business online. There are a lot of people make a full-time income through Amazon and these people have freedom, financially and as well as personal lives. They can live the way they want.


Hope you learned some useful tips to Make Money With Amazon Associates Program. If you have any suggestions and doubts drop your comments below


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  1. I agree that amazon associates is an amazing program to start join up with especially if your new to affiliate marketing.

    Like you said you get 24 hour cookies letting you can paid for ANYTHING someone buys regardless if it’s what your trying to sell, and everyone knows who amazon is so it’s easy to persuade people to buy from there.

    I myself use it and enjoy it very much.

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