How to start A Blog In 2021 Series 2- Selecting Blog Name and CMS

How to start A Blog In 2021 Series 2- Selecting Blog Name and CMS

Step2: Selecting The Perfect Blog Name And CMS 

In the previous article we saw how to select a perfect niche for your blog. After choosing your niche the next step is to select a perfect name for your blog. This is called the domain name and this is what people type in the Search Engines search bar to find your blog. You have to consider some points before naming your blog.

  • A Short and logical name.
  • Something memorable.
  • A name relevant to your niche.
  • Brandable domain name

A Short Name

When you have a short and logical domain name the people will remember it very easily. So, be innovative while choosing your domain name. You need to keep in mind that “the shorter  the domain name the easier people will remember it.”

    >>>Checkout here Where Did I find My Domai name?<<<

Making A Memorable Domain Name

The domain name you choose should be easier to remember. Additionally, instant intuitiveness adds to memorability. When people can grasp your blog’s concept just from the domain name, you can bet that it’s going to stick in their minds

A Name Relevant To Your Niche

The domain name you choose should give the people a good idea of what your business is about. For example, Wealthy Affiliate an affiliate training platform has as the domain name which relevant to its niche. In the same way, your domain name should have some relevance to your business name. In my case the names for the I chose could be:

  • Careskinnaturals
  • Greenskincare
  • Skincaregreens
  • Myskinarenaturals

In most cases, the names you select are already taken by others so that you will not get a .com extension. That’s why you should be creative and innovative.

Brandable Domain Name

The domain name you select should sound like a brand. After all, it is your business and the URL is going to be the mirror of your business. Avoid inserting special characters numbers and hyphens. A good example is


Choosing a CMS(Content Management System) for your Blog

Wordpress content managing system

You have chosen your blogging niche and next, you have to think about a management system in which you start your blog. This called CMS(content management system).

This is a program or set of software application which are used to manage the digital contents. There are 100s of content management systems out there on the internet.

Some of The popular content management systems are as follows:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Jumla
  • Drupal
  • Square Space
  • Magneto

Each of the content management systems has its plus and minus. We have to choose a system that is very user friendly, easy to configure, customize, and additionally with many themes more tools and options to customize without coding knowledge.

I am using WordPress for all my websites and hence,  I highly recommend WordPress, which you can create a beautiful website very easily in a very short time. WordPress comes with a ton of free plugins, themes, and tools needed to build a beautiful and powerful blog. WordPress is used by almost  1/3rd of website owners.

I am using Wordpess CMS with Wealthy Affiliate Platform who has an affordable hosting platform SiteRubix with awesome Managed Hosting.

Next post will be Choosing a best Hosting for your blog .

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