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What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work

What Is Email Marketing And how Does It Work ?

In this article, I am going to talk about Email marketing. What is Email Marketing and how does It Work ? Why it is so powerful and how can you grow in email list from $0 to first $10,000. And it is just not that but how can you continue to do that create a residue income every single month. I want to and step you guys through, even if you are a beginner, how you can start with email marketing, and give you a vision where can it take you and how really it help you grow any business online so that you can reach that goal of ultimate freedom.

Nevertheless, first and foremost we should know the difference between email marketing and different social media platform.

Difference  Between Email Marketing And Social Media Platforms

First and foremost is you own your list in email marketing whereas you do not own the subscribers and followers in the social media like facebook, youtube etc. That is you do not own the followers in your Instagram, Youtube subscribers and Facebook personal account or fanpage -friends and followers.

Some people may object to this and say that you must use an email marketing software service. But I would say that even though you use an email software service you own your email list.

Eventually, when you are going to start with your email marketing you have to select a provider.

Email Marketing-How to get more traffic on your Blog

Email Marketing Software Providers

There are many email marketing service providers. In fact, many of the email marketing providers are good. In the first place, they all have the basic functionality of generating leads, connecting and setting up an autoresponder.

I am going to show you how to do the above functionality and therefore, you will be clear about What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work ?

Identically, most popular Email marketing providers are:-

As a matter of fact, all of these providers almost have the same functionality of growing your email list. So you can also grow your email list and do email marketing through these platforms.

Starting Email Marketing – 5 Steps

  1. First, of all, you have to do is pick an email marketing provider.
  2. Secondly, you have to prepare a lead magnet(a free product)  for giving free to the customer in order get their email address.
  3. Secondly, you have to prepare your email list. You can name the list as per your convenience and this is your main list.
  4. Generate leads to build your list.
  5. Setting up an autoresponder.- Some people confuse between autoresponder and email marketing provider. Autoresponder is also a function of email marketing. When people subscribe to your list you can set up automated emails that will go out to the subscriber base automatically which you schedule ahead of time.
    On your autoresponder, you are going to set up whatever email list you create in your email sequence.
  6. Broadcast emails. You are going to send one email to your entire email list after the opt-in email as follow up and promotion.

Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet? Whenever people opt-in to your list for whatever reason, immediately you are going to deliver an email automatically to the subscriber’s email. You have to keep in mind that you are going to give something free to the customers for getting the email address. This free offer is called the lead magnet. After this lead magnet delivery, in the following days, you have an autoresponder follow up sequence.

This process is very powerful and can make you a lot of money.

It Is Not Easy As You Think

When you start your email list you will feel like you are going nowhere. But you have to be patient and put more and more effort. You will get ahead once in a while and it takes time to grow. I highly recommend you use email marketing because it is so powerful.

Those who think that email marketing is dead and wondering should we use it, I think by end of this article you should be convinced that you should absolutely be using the email marketing.

If not, your business is losing money. I emphasize again, If you are not using email marketing, your business is losing money and going to lose money.

Email marketing has created success in a lot of leading and popular internet entrepreneur’s business and I think it should help you grow your business as well.

How to get started?

What is going to look like to you, for using email marketing to grow your business and leverage it absolutely helps you to grow your business?

1. The first step  is creating a lead magnet

This is going to be something that you are going to deliver 100% free for anyone who is willing to give their email.

you have to create something which has value. There are many things you can give away. You can create and give away a free course, you can create an ebook and give away that for free. you should understand that you are giving value away for free, something which attracts the audience.

2. The second step is to create a lead capture page

A capture page is where the audience put their email address in. It should have a headline, images and even can have an attracting video.

For creating a capture page it should be with a simple design. If you are a beginner you can try something which is called split testing. That is you can create the page -1. page-2 with different designs and split test them. Half of the traffic will go to page  1 and half of the traffic will go to page-2 and you can see which converts more by the use of capture page service. The capture page service will tell you that which page gives higher opt-in to get the email address more on over the other.

This way you can do trial and error split test and choose your best-converting page.

For Capture page, you can use sites like Clickfunnels. and for email marketing like GetReponse. you are doing business and therefore you have to invest some money. These are not free. There are free trials in these platforms which you can make use of.

Also if you are a beginner and not able to invest more there are free sites like MailChimp for email marketing and for landing page creation as well, but there will be limitations in the usages.

3. Creating Your Email List

Now you have the emails of whoever subscribed through your capture page or opt-in form. These emails form the email list.

Now automatically you are going to send them the gift you promised and this is going to be in email or downloadable from your website after they opt-in is probably in  PDF version.

If you want to give a course you can create through- Teachable. If you want to give an ebook you can create through Canva.

4.Sending Broadcast Emails Through Auto Responder

Promotional and follow-up emails are called broadcast emails. After they receive the free gifts the autoresponders you set up it will start kicking in promotional emails in the period as you scheduled in the autoresponder. It may be a day or a week or as per your planned schedule.

Capitalize on Bridge page

Whenever someone is coming and opting-in, in the capture page and getting the free gift you can take them to an offer page. This is called a bridge page which forms a bridge to the capture page and actual offer. You can capitalize on this bridge page itself, by your offer or affiliate offer whatever it is.

Also, you can drive them back to the bridge page through the link in the free gift course or ebook. This builds trust and also points back to the bridge page( offer).

This process is called the autoresponder functionality.

This is literally how you can put your business on autopilot. This how you generate leads and you do sales without doing anything. Accordingly, you start generating leads and start selling your products or affiliate products without doing anything.

Additionally, Your email follow-up sequence will start selling for you.

Power Of Building An email List-An Example

Let’s say you are making an email list of 10,000 people and your autoresponder is sending a broadcast email to them.

Say out of 10,000 emails 300 people are opening the email and 2 people are doing a purchase. Say, the item you sell may be your own product or affiliate product pays you $ 50. Then 2x$50=$100. You make $100 buck in one email.

To summarise:-

Email list -10,000 people

Broadcast email- 10,000

Email opening rate= say 300 people

Purchase = say 2 people

Total Sales= say $50×2=$100

Therfore we earn $50 by sending email to 10,000 people.

The above example is a basic straightforward example of Email marketing.

Therefore, You have to literally think about email marketing. If you build an email list around the specific niche and send the valuable information then you build the trust with the email list.

In the final analysis, when you recommend product whether it is an affiliate marketing product or you promote your own products & services there is a percentage of people who will buy.

That is the power of email marketing. You can make money any time you want and any day you want.

My Final Words About What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work ?

You must have by now understood the power of email marketing, That is why I want to convey this to you. If you are not using email marketing you are loosing. When you have a sizable list, with a specific niche, with a push of a button you continue to maintain communication with your list.

When you have something you are promoting you send one email by hitting a send button you make money. Very very simple.

So many people say that they have passive income. However, to have a passive income you have to be active.

==My Number  One Recommendation To Earn A Passive Income==

Now You have a clear Idea about What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?  But, You need To start a website for Free. How?

Click hereWhat Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work


In this article, we talked about What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work ? Hence, If you have any doubts, suggestions or questions please drop your comment below.


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  1. The little man there looks like Bradley Walsh ha! I’d never heard of email marketing before now but I would have guessed it was advertising something through an email you send out to everyone. Never would have thought it could potentially pay  that much! Wow I must look into this even more thank you for opening my eyes to this 

  2. So far I have not really concentrated on Email marketing, but your post has inspired me to do so.

    My main problem has been to find a really good lead magnet, do you find one type more effective than the others? And would you recommend making your own lead magnet – and E-book for example – or would it be better to purchase one?

    Also, could you give some idea of how long it should take to build a good-sized list like the one you have?

    You can see that I aim really a beginner in the email field, but I will be bookmarking your website and check back for more of your really helpful information.

    Very many thanks

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Chrissie!

      In my opinion, it is better to create your OWN lead magnet. The purchased ones may be duplicated. Especially do  not go for PLR products. Non of the lead magnet is not superior to others. All depends upon the originality and the quality.

      The time to build your list needs hard work. The more traffic you get more leads you get. The free gift you offer and an attractive capture page also matter in this. It may take even a few years and be patient.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. This is a very informative article and quite timely for me. I am a blogger and have started to see traffic increasing on my website. Due to the foregoing, I have been contemplating to start capturing emails from my website visitors in a list. My biggest challenge is however to provide a free eBook or course to be able to capture the emails.However, you have given me some good guidance and I will be working on it.Many thanks for sharing this information

  4. Hi! Thank you very much for this great post about email marketing. I’m a newbie in this online journey, but I have fully understood your post. I greatly appreciate you have introduced me to this topic in a very “easy to follow” way.

    I’ll definitely take this leap into email marketing. As you have stated in your post: by not doing so, I’ll be losing money down the road. The example you have placed concerning the email broadcast to 10,000, the 300 persons opening the email and 2 persons purchasing, has put thing into perspective for me. Thank you very much!

    • Henry!

      I feel happy that my post helps you.if you have further doubts or questions you are welcome to ask.

      Thank you

  5. The author here introduces us to e-mail marketing.

    First of all you own your list, in e-mail marketing,whereas in facebook ,u-tube and the like you do not.

    There are 6 steps in setting up our e-mail marketing1/ e-mail marketing provider.2/Prepare a lead magnet,3/Prepare your e-mail list,4/Generate leads to build your list,5/Set up an autoresponder,6/Broadcast your e-mails

    There are many e-mail marketing providers(Get  response, Mailchimp,Aweber,Active campaign,and may more)They have the basic responsibility of generating leads,and setting up an autoresponder

    How will you decide which is the one for you,? 

    The lead magnet is a free gift for all those who respond to the e-mails.In the next few days,you have an autoresponder followup.

    You now prepare a Capture page (advertisement) with a simple design,to do this you will have to use ,Click funnels, Mail chimp,or,Get response.for which you will have to pay.

    Again which one is the best for the job,?

    Now you have your e-mails, of all who responded to the capture page,these form your e-mail list

    Your e-mail marketing provider now handles your e-mails 

    An example of how it works goes like this, for every 10.000 people,say 300 people open their e-mail,of these 2 make a purchase.Say each purchase is $ 50.00 that means you make $100.00.

    This is how e-mail marketing works, should you decide to enter it may you prosper,

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